LEC Summer 2021 - Power Ranking

LEC Summer 2021 - Power Ranking

Our Summer 2021 rankings journey takes us to Europe at last. We've got 90 LEC matches coming up, and the teams here appear to be much more evenly matched than any other region we've looked at so far. G2, MAD Lions, and Rogue all look to be strong contenders for that first place spot!

|             team name |  wins | losses |   win% |
|            G2 Esports | 11.87 |   6.13 | 65.97% |
|             MAD Lions | 11.32 |   6.68 | 62.90% |
|                 Rogue | 11.27 |   6.73 | 62.62% |
|                Fnatic |  9.38 |   8.62 | 52.13% |
| FC Schalke 04 Esports |  9.12 |   8.88 | 50.67% |
|         Team Vitality |  8.95 |   9.05 | 49.70% |
|        Misfits Gaming |  8.32 |   9.68 | 46.22% |
|             SK Gaming |  7.22 |  10.78 | 40.09% |
|              Astralis |  6.67 |  11.33 | 37.07% |
|         Excel Esports |  5.87 |  12.13 | 32.63% |

G2, MAD Lions, and Rogue are all within half of an expected game won of each other, so that first seed can pretty easily go to anyone. That upper group stands a couple games up from the rest of the crowd, so they're unlikely to significantly drop in rankings, but 7 of the 10 teams here have at least a decent shot at a winning record - it's really anybody's season to lose.

Excel and Astralis have their work cut out for them - betting sites believe Excel to be a touch stronger, but we disagree. They're playing each other next Saturday, so I guess we'll just have to wait and see! Of course, one game doesn't necessarily prove much, since we agree with oddsmakers that this is a fairly even matchup. We've got them at roughly 48/52, while odds are around 54/46.

All in all, however, the lack of teams that are obviously going to dominate or obviously just be free wins for their opponent should mean that this will be an exciting season, with plenty of room for upsets (we love upsets here; it tends to be profitable)!

As before, this list does not necessarily comprise our final view of this season's outcome. As these matches get played out, we'll be updating our model and predictions to take advantage of the new information and make sure our predictions are as up-to-date as possible. And, of course, any number of extraneous circumstances can cause things to shift around.

While these rankings are helpful to contextualize the season and our expectations, our suggested bets on any match are still going to depend on the odds offered and the exact matchup. We've already posted our suggested bets for week 1 here, where you can find all of our suggestions for every single match we're able to cover. Remember, the more bets  you can place, the smoother your results will be and the better your overall performance!

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