About Us

A quantitative, data-driven approach

At Alacrity, we leverage our experience in quantitative finance and professional esports in order to build sophisticated match-predicting models. These models allow us to find edges on esports betting markets, which translate into EV-positive bet suggestions that we make available to you!

Our approach is simple: our esports experience, knowledge, and intuition inform our models' focus and development, but we adopt a strictly quantitative approach for the model-building itself. Our analysis of match odds is entirely mathematical, which allows us to generate predictions and bet suggestions on every single professional game the moment that odds become available for them.

Confidence in quality

Most betting advice sites will gladly cherry-pick the bets they show you and Capitalize Every Word They Type to get you excited at the prospect of winning big. They'll share "testimonials" from people who put their life savings on a 12-way parlay and own a yacht now. They'll talk about their pick rate, even though that's irrelevant to profit.

That's not our style. We keep every bet suggestion we've ever made up on this site, so you can judge our performance for yourself. Our Betting Theory articles carefully walk you through all of the mathematical nuances of actually making money from betting so you can be confident in our methodology. Our recaps won't omit any data, even if it makes us look bad.

We approach betting as a means of investment, not as a form of gambling. While we can never guarantee profit, we believe that our models will beat the market over time and provide steady long-term returns. Our aim is quality, not short-term hype.

Our vision

We are currently focused on professional League of Legends and Dota 2, predicting match outcomes before they start.

Eventually, we hope to be able to offer a whole suite of analytic tools to not only find profitable bets, but also analyze team performance and find new trends in these games.