The International 10 - Group B Day Three Matches

The International 10 - Group B Day Three Matches

The International 10 group stage continues on to day three. I've aggregated all of Group A's matches in a single post.

Refer to the summary table at the top, or scroll down to see match specifics if you want a more comprehensive breakdown.

Predictions and bet suggestions

DateTeamOpponentOddsWin%Win% Implied (norm)Action
2021-10-09 04:00AMQuincy CrewTeam Spirit3.6833.51%24.51%Bet 8.70% on QC vs TSpirit
2021-10-09 04:00AMFnaticbeastcoast3.0232.16%29.92%No Bet
2021-10-09 04:00AMVici GamingPSG.LGD4.1118.69%21.95%No Bet
2021-10-09 04:00AMDRAW(Elephant v SG e-sports)2.9742.53%30.36%Bet 13.36% on DRAW vs (Elephant v SG)
2021-10-09 08:00AMQuincy CrewTeam Secret428.55%22.57%No Bet
2021-10-09 08:00AMTeam SpiritFnatic2.0843.20%43.39%No Bet
2021-10-09 08:00AMVici Gamingbeastcoast1.7652.00%51.30%No Bet
2021-10-09 08:00AMDRAW(PSG.LGD v SG e-sports)3.8434.89%23.42%Bet 11.97% on DRAW vs (PSG.LGD v SG)

Individual matches

PSG.LGD v Vici Gaming

metricPSG.LGDdrawVici Gaming
Market Odds2.15 (+115)2.5 (+150)4.11 (+311)
Implied Win Probability46.51%40.00%24.33%
Implied Win (Normalized)41.96%36.09%21.95%
Calculated Win Probability37.96%43.35%18.69%
Expected Value-0.2914-0.0412-0.4374
Bet SizeBet @ odds > +203Bet @ odds > +161Bet @ odds > +631

Quincy Crew v Team Spirit

metricQuincy CrewdrawTeam Spirit
Market Odds3.68 (+268)2.15 (+115)2.69 (+169)
Implied Win Probability27.17%46.51%37.17%
Implied Win (Normalized)24.51%41.96%33.53%
Calculated Win Probability33.51%44.42%22.07%
Expected Value0.0492-0.1525-0.5408
Bet SizeBet 8.70%Bet @ odds > +154Bet @ odds > +486

beastcoast v Fnatic

Market Odds3.02 (+202)2.25 (+125)3.02 (+202)
Implied Win Probability33.11%44.44%33.11%
Implied Win (Normalized)29.92%40.16%29.92%
Calculated Win Probability23.20%44.64%32.16%
Expected Value-0.4504-0.108-0.1799
Bet SizeBet @ odds > +449Bet @ odds > +152Bet @ odds > +268

Elephant v SG e-sports

metricElephantdrawSG e-sports
Market Odds1.65 (-154)2.97 (+197)6.02 (+502)
Implied Win Probability60.61%33.67%16.61%
Implied Win (Normalized)54.66%30.36%14.98%
Calculated Win Probability40.53%42.53%16.94%
Expected Value-0.41370.1147-0.2814
Bet SizeBet @ odds > +181Bet 13.36%Bet @ odds > +738

Vici Gaming v beastcoast

metricVici Gamingdrawbeastcoast
Market Odds1.76 (-132)2.81 (+181)5.45 (+445)
Implied Win Probability56.82%35.59%18.35%
Implied Win (Normalized)51.30%32.13%16.57%
Calculated Win Probability52.00%37.40%10.60%
Expected Value-0.1728-0.0895-0.695
Bet SizeBet @ odds > +113Bet @ odds > +209Bet @ odds > +1687

Team Spirit v Fnatic

metricTeam SpiritdrawFnatic
Market Odds2.08 (+108)2.54 (+154)4.28 (+328)
Implied Win Probability48.08%39.37%23.36%
Implied Win (Normalized)43.39%35.53%21.08%
Calculated Win Probability43.20%41.54%15.26%
Expected Value-0.2054-0.0719-0.5609
Bet SizeBet @ odds > +162Bet @ odds > +174Bet @ odds > +875

Team Secret v Quincy Crew

metricTeam SecretdrawQuincy Crew
Market Odds2.2 (+120)2.48 (+148)4 (+300)
Implied Win Probability45.45%40.32%25.00%
Implied Win (Normalized)41.03%36.40%22.57%
Calculated Win Probability26.47%44.98%28.55%
Expected Value-0.5276-0.0085-0.0582
Bet SizeBet @ odds > +366Bet @ odds > +150Bet @ odds > +325

PSG.LGD v SG e-sports

metricPSG.LGDdrawSG e-sports
Market Odds1.34 (-294)3.84 (+284)9.51 (+851)
Implied Win Probability74.63%26.04%10.52%
Implied Win (Normalized)67.12%23.42%9.46%
Calculated Win Probability56.43%34.89%8.68%
Expected Value-0.31090.1479-0.6501
Bet SizeBet @ odds > -106Bet 11.97%Bet @ odds > +2618

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